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Welcome to Helping Hearts

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  The goal at Helping Hearts is to provide families that have a child with cancer some financial aid.  We donate cheques worth $5,000 dollars to those in need.  The money is raised from the sales of our T shirts, donations, and raffles.

  In 2013 my mom passed away from pancreatic cancer.  During that experience the stress was so high that I missed a lot of work, however the bills kept coming.  When we were in the hospice I got to see first hand just how many people were affected by this illness.  I couldn't help but to think that so many people were going through the exact same thing as us and that there must be many people in need of financial assistance .  It was right there by my moms side in the hospice that I decided I was going to sell t shirts to help people.   

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Our story,

  On Dec 20, 2015  we gave away our first $5,000 dollar cheque to the Sors family. 



                                          (Formally known as ef cancer)  

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  On the behalf of my family, we would like to thank everyone that has supported Helping Hearts.


 A special thanks to TCF for allowing us to sell our  t shirts at Gone Country in Cloverdale.


  I dedicate this site to my mom, Adeline Samborski.

  In your honour we  continue to help families in need.